4 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Aquarium Month

June is National Aquarium Month, and we at API® are welcoming the warm weather and honoring the theme of this month with a list of fish-friendly activities to help you celebrate!

No matter where you’re located, odds are, you’re not too far from an aquarium! Aquariums are great places to learn more about underwater ecosystems and view fish in an environment that closely mimics their natural habitat. What better way to celebrate National Aquarium Month than in a place where you can view and appreciate all types of fish species up close? To quickly locate your closest aquarium, click here.

If you live near a beach where the water is clear, we recommend getting out in the water to observe all kinds of vibrant aquatic life just beneath the surface of the ocean! If snorkeling isn’t feasible near you, locate the nearest beach and simply take a day trip to go and enjoy the ocean, anyway! You might be surprised at the types of interesting marine life you happen to stumble upon (sand dollars, hermit crabs, starfish, etc.).

SET UP AN AQUARIUM (or your second, or your third)...
Whether you currently have 0 aquariums or 2+, consider setting up a new aquarium in your home or office! The beauty of aquariums is that they come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to create an aquatic environment that is best suited to your space, experience level, and taste. Whether it’s a 5-gallon Betta aquarium or a 25-gallon planted aquarium, have some fun selecting new fish, new ornaments, and new products to decorate and maintain a totally unique underwater world.

If you already have an aquarium (or two!) at home but would like to get more involved in the aquatic hobby and learn more about underwater ecosystems, consider volunteering for a center like Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which rescues marine life and provides sea creatures with the care they need before returning them safely to their natural habitats. Choose from categories such as Education, Marine Mammals, Rescue Team, and Sea Turtle and Aquatic Biology, to name a few areas that you can get involved in!

Underwater habitats are a truly fascinating part of our world, and we at API® hope you’ll take the time to delve into them!

Happy National Aquarium Month!

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