Aquarium Essentials for First-Time Fish Owners

Fishkeeping is a fascinating, enjoyable, and very hands-on hobby, as it requires more than just feeding your fish and changing the water in your tank every now and again. Proper fish care requires certain aquarium conditions for your fish to thrive, so it is up to you to make your aquarium a healthy, comfortable environment for them! Here is what you should keep in mind as you set up your new tank.


One of the first things to know about acclimating your fish to their new tank is that the water in your aquarium must first be treated, because regular tap water contains high levels of chemicals which can harm your fish's protective slime coat, or even result in fish loss, if left untreated. We suggest that you use API® TAP WATER CONDITIONER, or API STRESS COAT®, to make water safe for your fish.

Establishing the aquarium cycle, or biological filter, in your tank may sound difficult, but it’s actually simple! Your fish need the good bacteria that the natural aquarium cycle provides, but because your water will be completely fresh when starting out, it will be helpful for you to add API® QUICK START® to your aquarium. This product will add live bacteria and accelerate the aquarium cycle in your tank, as well as keep poisonous ammonia and nitrite levels low.

You should purchase the API® Freshwater (or Saltwater) MASTER TEST KIT for testing key water parameters weekly in your tank. If certain levels are high and remain untreated, such as ammonia or nitrite (which are easily detectable with a test kit or aquarium test strips), this will result in fish loss. If your water tests show that any of the levels in your water vary from the norm, it is important to take steps to correct this as soon as possible for your fish's health and well-being.

If you have live plants in your aquarium, add API® LEAF ZONE or API® ROOT TABS to ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need to flourish. It is important to select a treatment that contains carbon, which promotes the photosynthetic process by turning light energy into new plant growth.

Any products that you select for use should be safe for your fish and promote their overall health and well-being. Choose API® Fish Food to provide the nutrition your fish need to grow and thrive!

For The Beginner
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