With so many aquarium testing products out there, you might wonder: what makes the API® FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT unique? Today, we’re going to show why our customers are so successful with their aquariums using our best-selling test kit.

The FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT comes with 4 test tubes and 7 test regent bottles – pH, Ammonia (two bottles), Nitrite, Nitrate (two bottles), and high range pH, all of which will help you determine the precise parameters of your water. Simply scoop a vial of water to the line marked on the tube, follow the test regent liquid instructions you want to analyze, and wait for the water to change color. Once you’ve let your test tube sit for the specified amount of time, compare your results to the color card included with the test kit and take appropriate action, if needed.

The API® FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT allows you to stay ahead of problematic water conditions, which can change rapidly and cause serious harm to your fish if left untreated. Ammonia and Nitrite are two of the most toxic chemicals to fish, so it is crucial that you test these levels at least once per week to prevent fish loss. Nitrate and pH, while not immediately harmful, should also be kept as low as possible in your aquarium to ensure your fish remain healthy.

With fast and easy testing, it's possible to troubleshoot problems or unsafe levels in your tank quickly and effectively, protecting your fish from disease and keeping your water clean and clear. Even more, the amount of test regent provided in one master test kit will allow you to perform over 800 tests!

The FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT is durable and all-inclusive, and ensures that you have everything you need for success in the fish keeping hobby!

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