Feature Product: POND ALGAEFIX™

As a pond owner, one thing you’ll have to stay on top of is algae growth, which can become rampant and overwhelming if left untreated. In order to maintain clean and clear water conditions for a beautiful pond environment, you’ll need to treat your water properly when you notice algae blooms, and API® is here to help with API® POND ALGAEFIX.

Effectively eliminating green water caused by multiple kinds of algae, API® POND ALGAEFIX is the quick and effective solution to unsightly blanketweed, green water, and string and hair algae, and works to restore your water to clear conditions. Before using, it is important to ensure that your pond has adequate aeration to avoid any potential consequence of low oxygen levels, which naturally drop when algae is controlled or removed by the filter. This is especially true for warmer weather, where pond water naturally carries less oxygen.

API® POND ALGAEFIX may be used not only in ponds, but is also safe for use with waterfalls and fountains, and may be used with live fish and plants (provided aeration is plentiful). This product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and is acceptable for use every three days until algae blooms are resolved and clear water is restored.

When used as directed, API® POND ALGAEFIX is a powerful tool for controlling and eliminating algae so that you can spend less time cleaning your pond and more time enjoying it. Once algae is controlled, this product may be used once a week for maintenance of clear water conditions.

Make the most out of pond season with API®, and expect a clean, healthy pond all season long!

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV1iR4zXVDQ

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