Feeding Your Fish

Feeding fish is a fun and rewarding experience, and nothing is more important for fish health and growth than the food they eat. Of course, you’ll need to select a high quality fish food to ensure your fish get the necessary nutrients, but what should you look for in a fish food formula? And how do you determine the type of food that will be best for your fish?

Fish food varieties are formulated for specific types of fish – so if you have Cichlids, be sure to select API® CICHLID PELLETS, and likewise if you have a Betta, Goldfish, etc. If you have a community of different types of fish, such as a tropical community, you should select a food that is formulated accordingly – in this case, a tropical formula, such as API® TROPICAL FLAKES.

Fish foods are also designed for different sizes of fish, in addition to where they will typically eat (i.e. at the water’s surface or at the bottom of the aquarium). In many cases, food may be labeled “floating,” “sinking,” or “bottom feeder,” which will meet the needs of a wide variety of fish types.

Another factor to consider in choosing your fish’s food is the kind of mouth they have. Some fish have a mouth that points upward, so they most easily consume food at the surface of an aquarium. If this is the case for your fish, API® TROPICAL FLAKES. Fish that tend to eat in the middle water areas, gravitating toward the surface, often have mouths that are set in a straight line. Fish eating at the bottom – or bottom feeders – often have mouths that curve downward, such as catfish or loaches, making API® BOTTOM FEEDER PELLETS the best type of food for them. Watch the video below to learn more about API fish nutritional products.

Whichever food you select for your fish, you can’t go wrong if you’ve taken all of the above factors into consideration. Feeding your fish is one of the most interactive parts of fish keeping, so drop some into your tank and enjoy!

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