Fish Learning Fridays | Siphoning a fish aquarium

This lesson plan provides a basic understanding how water flows naturally and whether it is even possible for water to flow uphill. The importance of understanding how to siphon water is essential for keeping an aquarium clean.  

Siphoning a Fish Aquarium

The lesson consists of:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Materials Needed
  • Key Terms
  • Before you Get Started Readings
  • Instructional Set-Up Plan
  • Discussion
  • Final Quiz
  • Printable Resources

Click here to download the lesson plan (opens in new window).

We encourage instructors to read through the entire lesson plan before beginning this with students/family members as materials may need to be purchased and information prep will need to be done.  

Please share your instructional classroom photos with us on our social media pages using the hashtag, #FishLearningFridays. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions too.

Fish Curriculum
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