Fish Learning Fridays | Benefits of Fish Tanks

Aquariums make tranquil and beautiful additions to living spaces and come in all shapes and sizes for maximum personalization when it comes to design and decor. Did you know, though, that aside from acting as a unique and colorful addition to your home or office, recent research also shows that keeping fish is beneficial for your health?

According to “Interacting with Fish Human Animal Interaction (HAI)”, published, in part, by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition and Mars Inc. – a recent scientific publication exploring the effects of fish keeping on human health – fish keeping is correlated with reduced blood pressure and decreased stress levels. Watching fish can also provide relaxation benefits to those who suffer from anxiety and can also work to calm children with hyperactivity disorder. There is even some research that shows aquariums may improve the unpredictable and disruptive behavior of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Overall, a fish tank’s calming effects on all who view it are extremely beneficial, and can even aid over time in getting a better night’s sleep.

Another finding included in the publication is that some fish owners view their fish as companion animals, reporting feelings of emotional attachment. However, “it is not evident that fish exhibit behavior such as proximity-seeking or separation anxiety” as is common with some human-animal relationships, such as with dogs. Still, watching fish swim in an aquarium is a good distraction that yields positive physiological effects, and these benefits likely stem from the tranquility we find in nature.

In addition to these health benefits, aquariums act as a fresh, new type of “living art” – a 3D model of expression as opposed to one-dimensional paintings, or knickknacks purchased from home décor stores and displayed on shelves. Fish tanks act as great substitutes for video games or TV for children, especially if they are encouraged to feed, clean, and do hands-on activities for the aquarium. Fish keeping can become a true lifelong hobby if children begin learning about fish and aquarium life at a young age. Aquariums also tend to draw the eye in any room, and your visitors will always have something positive to say about a tastefully designed aquarium!

With so many health and design benefits to owning an aquarium, it’s no wonder that so many people have taken up the hobby! A home or office aquarium will greatly enhance any personal space and will add a unique twist to the surrounding environment. Set up your fish tank today and reap the benefits of this exciting form of “living art.” API brand is here to help you in the hobby every step of the way! Need ideas and help on setting up your tank? Watch our video here. Not ready to set up a tank yet or just wanting to relax a bit and get in some stress relief time? Listen to the soothing music and watch the whimsical movements of our marine fish and corals in our 300-gallon saltwater office tank! We have tangs, clownfish, and beautiful corals perfect for brightening your day and reducing noise during these unknown times. Watch the video below and share with your friends and family too!

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