Fish Learning Fridays | Fish Questions & Answers

It is Friday once again and we’re excited to bring you another aquarium-related activity for your children to enjoy! The underwater world is truly a mesmerizing, adventurous experience and is an activity that teaches your children responsibility as well as touches several core curriculum essentials, including Mathematics and Science for all ages.

Did you know that goldfish have teeth? Yes, they do, and this is one of the many questions and answers in this week’s Fish Learning Friday activity! We’re bringing you and your family educational and interactive fun with ten questions and answers all about fish. Ask your kids the question first, and then discuss the included answers.

Download the fish questions and answers below, print them out or view them online, and get ready to learn! Feel free to share your experience with us via our contact us page or through our social media pages using the hashtag, #FishLearningFridays, and check back on Fridays for new activities!

Click here to download the PDF

Fish Curriculum
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