Fish Learning Fridays | Printable Coloring Pages

Here at API® brand, we are excited to launch a new initiative to provide educational, yet fun activities for your children relating to the joys of fish keeping, called Fish Learning Fridays!

Fridays throughout the year, we will post new aquarium-related articles incorporating activities for your children to enjoy. These activities will be free to download and/or watch and are just one-way API brand is here for you and your family.

This week’s Fish Learning Friday activity includes fish coloring pages for your children to express their creativity.

Download the coloring pages below, print them out, and enjoy! Feel free to share your children’s masterpieces with us via our contact us page or through our social media pages using the hashtag, #FishLearningFridays, and check back on Fridays for new activities!

Click here to download the PDF

Fish Curriculum
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