The Ultimate API Holiday Gift Guide

Know any fish enthusiasts? Do you have a friend or a family member who loves aquatics or you think might enjoy the hobby? With the holidays right around the corner, we’re here to help you pick the perfect gifts for the fish keeper(s) in your life!
API® has all the bases covered with its extensive line of water conditioners and treatments, from optimal nutrition for a variety of fish species, to test kits, filtration options, and more.

One of our most beloved products, API® STRESS COAT, is a must-have for any fish keeper’s arsenal. More than just a tap water dechlorinator, STRESS COAT may be used at absolutely any time in your tank. It is great for use immediately following a water change, in conjunction with medications to treat injured or sick fish, or simply to calm your fish after netting or transitioning from one environment to another (i.e. after a fish has been brought home from a pet store). This is one product any aquarium owner will love!

With any aquarium and any type of filter, a hobbyist will need filtration media. This is typically some type of media (chips, powder, etc.) that acts as a buffer or “medium” through which water is filtered, and several types of media target specific issues within aquariums. API® offers filtration media such as BIO-CHEM ZORB, PHOS-ZORB, NITRA-ZORB, and others to target harmful levels of phosphates, nitrates, etc. in aquariums. Every fish keeper could use a basic type of filtration media for their tank, so select one for your friend or family member that best meets their tank's needs.

Another essential product for fish keeping is a dependable test kit to test water parameters. API® MASTER TEST KITS include several test solution bottles for each type of aquarium, including freshwater, saltwater, and reef.

Each of these different underwater habitats requires different levels of specific parameters, so a test kit with options to test multiple parameters will come in handy for any hobbyist – especially when the test kit components can perform up to 800 separate tests!

The green stuff is definitely a factor in taking care of any aquarium – and by green stuff, we mean plants and algae alike. Plants are great for naturally consuming/removing unsightly algae from your tank, and they can be a beautiful addition to any aquarium, but they will need to be properly nourished to thrive in their environment. API® LEAF ZONE or API® ROOT TABS are great products for any aquarium with live plants, acting as fertilizers to promote vibrant colors and healthy leaves that will enhance the tranquility and beautiful aesthetic of a well-kept aquarium. In addition, any hobbyist will need a product that aids in reducing algae build-up from their aquarium, so API® ALGAEFIX is another great selection for the fish keeper in your life. You may also want to consider selecting some hardware for algae removal, such as API® ALGAE PADS or API® ALGAE SCRAPERS. These can be a fish keeper's best friend when cleaning an aquarium! Do note, though, that scrapers and pads come in different models for both acrylic and glass aquariums.

Is your friend new to the fish keeping hobby? API® offers starter packs that contain everything fish need for their perfect start!

Bundle packs come with a selection of water treatments – for instance, API® STRESS COAT, QUICK START, and AQUARIUM SALT. These packs are a fun and festive way to celebrate your friend’s new hobby and get them set up with a few essentials as they develop their underwater world!

API® is here for you through the holidays with the perfect gift selection for the fish enthusiasts in your life! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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